Sunday, February 12, 2012

Compost update

Not much has been happening on my balcony of late. Although, I did just give it a big spring clean. I cleared out the mess, re-potted plants and... checked out my compost.

I'm really thrilled because my experiment worked and the soil that I got from it was beautiful. I had so much I had to give some away!

I've already started my next lot. First, I kept some soil from the previous compost to use as a starter. I put some at the bottom of the container, put my kitchen vege scraps in and then another layer. I can now add bits to it as I do my cooking etc.
What's really great is that it never stank. 

One reason it didn't, I think, is because I never put cooked food or meat in it. Just vegetable skins, egg shell and fruit leftovers. I also had a heavy lid on it (a large pottery water saucer actually) which kept the moisture in and flies and mosquitoes out, whilst not being air tight and killing the helpful bugs and bacteria inside. 

In fact, after adding everything and a good amount of water, not enough to flood it, I pretty much forgot it except to add bits to the top now and then. When I opened it up at the weekend, it was moist, dark and rich. Beautiful. The worms and helpful bugs had been very happy in there, I think.