Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Taro/Keladi Plant

 I was recently given an ornamental Taro plant, Keladi in Malaysian. It's sent me on a path of discovery as I learn how to look after it. Apparently the one I have is inedible, and it's leaves are a different heart-shape to the traditional variety. The curves are more rounded and the cordate veins in the leaf don't branch off at all. Here's a comparison of the two
My plant:
Ornamental Keladi
A specimen from the website mylittlevegetablegarden:
Keladi/Taro tuberous plant
So what do they like?
- Full sun to partial shade.
- Lots of water. They don't like drying out at all. In fact, they like it quite boggy. They used to be farmed near rivers for lots of irrigation.
- Apparently they don't like fertilizer on their leaves either. They like it near (but not too close) to the tubers. So, leaf sprays aren't good. Pity, as that's my favorite type of fertilizer and most of my other plants like the spray on.

They are a pretty addition to my balcony. Their distinct heart shaped leaves create a lovely contrast to my long leafed spider lily and variegated Dracaena reflexa

With Dracaena reflexa and basil in the background.

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