Thursday, July 14, 2011

Balconies in KL

It's been taking a long time to get this sorted out, but it's finally going to happen!
For a while I've been wanting to showcase beautiful and interesting balconies around KL so that we can share ideas. However, I've been having lots of technological problems which have held it back. Recently, they've been sorted out and I can get started. I plan to have the first ones out very soon.

Another highlight I'm bringing to my blog is videos on how to do different things about the place. The first one is being made right now.

So, watch this space. See you soon.


  1. Soon life in KL will be centered very much on high rise apartments, thus info on balcony gardening is needed by the public. Good luck!

  2. Thanks :) If you know of any beautiful ones, let me know.