Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cheap ideas for beautifying your balcony

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The best ideas of all are free ideas. So, let's...


The catch word of the 21st century, but there is truly so much free stuff about that you can use on your balcony. Being an ex-pat I often have friends leaving the country and moving on. Usually, when they ask, 'Nic, would you like...?' I've said yes before they've even finished the sentence. That way I've received lamps, large cushions, furniture and lots of bits and bobs. I've become more discerning since I got my own home and don't want it too cluttered, but I'll still have a look before saying no. From this I've gotten many things for my plants to stand on or to decorate the place; old tables, a metal frame that once held a TV, bricks (a great gardener's friend), my giraffe ornament and an old Japanese temple bell!

Other ways to recycle:

Freecycler -
It's an international group with local chapters all around the world, including KL. The idea is "one person's rubbish is another person's gold."
So, if you have something you don't want, put it up on freecycler and more often than not, someone will take it. You can also ask for things and someone may have one they don't want. I got an old sewing machine that way. I took it in for cleaning and it's great. I haven't tried freecycler for things for my balcony yet, but I'm sure there must be people who want to get rid of old pots and such like. Hmmm. Maybe I should ask about BIG ones!

Turn pillows into large cushions
We're supposed to get new pillows to sleep on every year or so. So, turn the old ones into large oversize cushions. Since you're going to use them on your balcony and the floor, it's not a problem using the old filler. Also, since it is old filler, you won't be so concerned if they get spilled on. Great if you have children and pets. Use old curtains to make the covers from.

What recycling ideas have you used for your balcony?

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