Monday, April 4, 2011


This last week has been a week of preparation. My eldest daughter is coming back to live with me in Malaysia after finishing high school back in New Zealand. We've only spent about six weeks together over the NZ summer break each year and I've missed her.
So, I have been getting ready for her arrival and having a huge spring clean. This has been on many levels. She and I are just heading off into new stages in our lives. She's starting hers and I'm wanting to start new projects and start a new business. Therefore, it's really out with the old and in with the new. The clearing of latent energy has been really important and I really want to make our home beautiful. The girls and I have moved many times and we've never had the chance to settle and beautify.
This has included really making our balcony a place to rest and relax between jobs and projects. My younger daughter and I have sowed some seeds in a planter in order to plant out in all the pots and to showcase in a future post. Speaking of which, I'm having a go at encouraging a pineapple to flower. My friend's son planted a pineapple top and when they returned to the UK, we inherited it. We've had it for about four years now. I didn't think that it would ever flower; it being cut off from a pineapple. However, another friend has got her one flowering, so I'm having a go. If it works, I'll definitely let you know.


  1. I can't wait to see the pineapple that is very lovely.

  2. Me neither. I went to visit my friend the other night and had a look at her one. It's already turning into a small pineapple - about the size of a tennis ball at the moment. It's bright red. I hope mine does the same.

  3. A pineapple planted in a pot, sourced from the crown of a store bought pineapples can flower and bear fruit. I have done with all of mine. Here in Malaysia, where it is hot and humid, and sunny they will most likely flower after 2 years. You can try putting some ripe apple peals at the base of the leaves. It may just work for your too as it had done for me. Good Luck!

  4. Thanks Autumn Belle. I've got some under there now. I didn't know that before, so my plant hasn't flowered in all the time I've had it.