Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I haven't been doing much with my garden in the last few days since Frances arrived. We've been making a wall for her room and I've been trying to finish off the spring cleaning that I started last week. My aim is to have no junk spots in the house.

But my garden has been progressing all by itself. I love that about gardens. My seeds are starting to sprout and one of my Aloe Vera is putting out a flower. It's a stalk at the moment. So I'll put up photos of it when it's in full bloom.


  1. Garden progressing all by itself.., that's something! We never know, the plants may just cry for water and fertiliser. We just couldn't hear....

  2. Well, the not doing much meant just doing the basics like watering and giving fertiliser. And plants always let us know when they need something.